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Alternator, A/C and Optional Power Steering and Alternator Only



If your Ford Flathead powered Hot Rod still has the old V-Belts, this March Performance serpentine conversion is the best way to get modern serpentine belt reliability and "No Slip" operation in one Highly Styled package. AND Now you can have the comfort of Air Conditioning to boot.


Compact in design with inward mounted alternator and A/C units that fits nicely in tall narrow hoods. A 105 amp alternator supplies all your electrical needs. Two water pumps with 45 or 90 degree motor mounts provide the cooling and two idlers guarantee all the belt wrap this kit needs for no belt slip operation. Best of all a unique center mounted remote power steering pump not only provides power for your steering setup but also acts as an easy belt tensioning mechanism. Available without pump if that is what you need.


Ford Flat Head Motors with 90 degree or 45 degree motor mounts

Kit Includes:

  • 105 Amp Alternator
  • Alternator pulley with fan and nose cover
  • Sanden Style 7176 A/C Compressor
  • A/C Compressor nose cover
  • Alternator/A/C Bracket
  • Two Ford Flathead Water pumps
  • Water Pump Pulleys
  • Water Pump Pulley Nose Covers
  • Crank pulley
  • Two Idlers for better belt wrap
  • All mounting hardware

Kits with power steering include

  • Corvette Type 3 Remote Power Steering Unit
  • Power Steering Pulley
  • Power Steering Pulley Nose Cover
  • Bracket with mounting hardware


Alternator Only Kit

Shown with Billet Alternator








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Kit #
  Alternator Water Pumps A/C RemotePower Steering


90 Degree Motor Mounts yes both yes yes
45 Degree Motor Mounts yes both yes yes


90 Degree Motor Mounts yes both yes  
45 Degree Motor Mounts yes both yes  
30630 45 Degree Motor Mounts Yes (Chrome) both - -
30635 45 Degree Motor Mounts Yes (Billet) both - -
30640 90 Degree Motor Mounts Yes (Chrome) both - -
30645 90 Degree Motor Mounts Yes (Billet) both - -
of Access
  105 Amp Chrome or Billet Alternator Standard Ford Flat Head Pumps Sanden style 7176 serpentine
A/C Compressor
Corvette Type 3 Remote Pump
For BLACK ONYX Styling, add "-07" to kit number..."12345-07". For all Black add "-08"

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