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Alternator, A/C and Optional Power Steering


March Performance new Style Track serpentine system is created with a combination of style and low price that is sure to find favor among car enthusiasts everywhere. The highly styled one piece alternator and air conditioning bracket provides a rigid support for the alternator and A/C compressor; a separate bracket allows the option of power steering or no power steering. Best of all, March's new Style Track bracket kit cost $700 less than other similar units on the market.


The new Style Track makes use a unique easy to use belt tension adjustment tool. Once the belt tension has been set, the adjustment tool is easily removed and stowed away until the next time the belt requires adjustment. As a result, the Style Track displays a much cleaner appearance. For the ultimate in convenience an optional spring loaded tensioner is available.


The Style Track comes complete with alternator, an alternator pulley with fan and nose cover, a polished A/C compressor and nose cover, a water pump with pulley and nose cover,a crank pulley and the alternator/A/C bracket, complete with the belt tensioning tool. Kits with power steering include a type2 remote power steering pump and the power steering pump pulley with nose cover.


These kits also include all the mounting hardware you'll need and detailed instructions so installation is a snap. You can also forget about polishing this assembly, as it features maintenance-free clear or black powder coating in Clear, Black to Black Onyx.

Our larger diameter crank pulley aids in driving your alternator, A/C, and water pump at idle where it counts.

Chevy Big Block Short Water Pump


Kit Includes:
• 105 Amp Alternator, Chrome ()
• Alternator pulley with fan and nose cover
• Chrome Sanden style A/C compressor
• A/C Compressor nose cover
• Water pump and Hardcoated pulley
• Alternator/A/C Bracket
• Crank pulley (Larger Dia for better accessory drive)
• Belt Tensioning Tool
• All mounting hardware

Kits with power steering include
• GM Type 2 power steering pump (does not include hoses or reservoir) (kit #21250)

• Saginaw Canister steering pump (no reservoir or lines required) (kit #21255)
• Power steering pulley with nose cover
• Bracket with mounting hardware.

#450 Billet Remote Power Steering Reservoir
Stainless Braided Power Steering Hose Kits






Now with Saginaw Power Steering Option, Kit #21255, Save up to $250.00 in Reservoir and Lines.


Optional P418-06 Chrome A/C Line Adapter.







Chevy Big Block Install Instructions




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Chevy Big Block
Kit #
Alternator Water Pump A/C Remote Power Steering Saginaw Power Steering Belt Size


yes yes yes     65
yes yes yes yes   67.5
yes yes yes   yes 69"
of Access
105 Amp Chrome Alternator Short water pump Reverse rotation Sanden style 7176 serpentine
A/C Compressor
Type 2 Remote Pump Saginaw pump with canister  

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