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Viper & SRT10 Truck Pulley Kits
Designed for Chryslers new V-10 powered hot rods. Stock diameter polisher billet aluminum with a maintenance free clear powder coating, hard coated in high wear areas.
Serpentine Pulleys

1992-2004 Viper and 2003-2004 SRT10 Trucks

Chrysler Small Block Pulleys
318-340-360 C.I. Magnum 3.9-5.2-5.9

Most March Performance Pulleys are available in two types.
Performance Series Pulleys
Increases horsepower by reducing accessory drag. 12.5-15 h.p. at rear wheels typical.
High Water Flow Pulleys Increases cooling by speeding up water flow and fan speed. This helps at critical low speed driving where most overheating occurs.
Serpentine Pulleys

Serpentine Conversion Pulleys From V-Belts

Magnum 1991-1997

V-Belt Pulleys

Chrysler V-belt 1970 and later 318-340-360 C.I.

Chrysler V-belt 1967-1969 273-318-340 C.I.


Chrysler Big Block Pulleys
383-440 C.I.
Serpentine Pulleys

See our Chrysler Big Block Serpentine Conversion

Magnum 1991-1997

V-Belt Pulleys

Chrysler V-belt