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Buick Nailhead Serpentine Kit

Alternator, A/C and Optional Power Steering

Nostalgia Style

March Performance All New, All Billet Aluminum serpentine system for Buick Nailhead V-8s is created with a combination of style and low price that is sure to find favor among car enthusiasts everywhere. The highly styled one piece alternator and air conditioning bracket provides a rigid support for the alternator and A/C compressor; a separate bracket allows the option of power steering or no power steering. Two idlers ensure perfect belt wrap for "No-Slip" operation. Best of all, March's bracket kit cost less than other similar units on the market.



Buick Nailhead V-8.


Kit Includes:

  • 105 Amp Chrome Powermaster Alternator

  • Alternator pulley with fan and nose cover

  • Matching Chrome A/C compressor

  • Water pump and pulley

  •  Alternator and A/C Brackets

  • Crank pulley (Larger Dia for better accessory drive)

  • Belt Tensioning Tool

  • All mounting hardware

Kits with power steering include:

  • GM Type 2 power steering pump
  • Power steering pulley with nose cover
  • Bracket with mounting hardware.


  • #450 Billet Aluminum remote power steering reservoir,
  • Stainless Braided power steering line kit
  • #P418-06 Chrome A/C Manifold
  • 140 amp Alternator






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Buick Nailhead Motor
Kit #
Alternator Water Pump A/C Remote Power Steering Belt Sizes


yes yes yes - Call
17045 yes yes yes yes Call
of Access
105 Amp Chrome Alternator Buick Water Pump Sanden style 7176 serpentine
A/C Compressor
Type 2 Remote Pump Daycoy Rib
For BLACK ONYX Styling, add "-07" to kit number..."12345-07". For All BLACK Styling, add "-08". For Chrome, add "-06"

Matching Alternator Power Steering A/C Units Etc. - See Accessories